Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, after months and months, my divorce is settled. I signed the papers today. They still need his signature and then have to go through the court, but it shouldn't take long now. It has been such a difficult few years, it is sometimes hard for me to really look at it all. I called my pals tonight to go to dinner, but it just didn't work out. It was pretty short notice after all. But tonight I find that I am sad. I wonder if I will be able to get that close with anyone again. I wonder if anyone is up for the challenge of me. Guess you can tell that I have been talking with estranged one. That is pretty much how I feel after I talk with him. I really don't do well with the half empty version of life. So after some tears and half a box of Puff later, I am wondering if I will be able to breathe tonight when I sleep! Well enough of that, my keyboard is getting soggy!

I worked a bit this morning, and then after the lawyer and arguement with the soon to be ex, went out for some retail therapy. My fave Steinmart is closing, so I got some jeans for $25 and then I went to Hancocks and I got some supplies I need for the Amy Butler purses I have waiting in the wings. I got the free patterns and they are awesome!!! So I can't wait for the next sewing day...Doug I hope you won't be feeling well in early March when I am on Spring Break! Or who knows, we made need a Sunday adventure in Buford at the Kraft Haus pretty soon!

School is all about OB and Peds. I got to see a 2 hours old baby on Friday! So cute!!!! Especially since I don't have to keep her!!!! If you know me, you know I love other people's kids quite a bit! And I have a research class. I am in the minority, but I really like research. And it is good to be studying again. Yea, I know.... My clinical supervisor is awesome..THANK GOD! It makes all the difference!

So, I am off to check my emails again and see what is shakin on facebook. I feel better just typing all of this. Guess this virtual therapy does work huh?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I just LOVE having more time to knit!

So can you believe how different the colors knit up? Weird huh? This is a no purl Monkey sock by the way. Wow do they knit up quick! Thanks Doug for the yarn!!! My SAFF present. Look at this beauty!!! Jane knitted this and gave it to me for my birthday. It is so gorgeous! I will always cherish this!!! Now if it will only get cold!!

Finally I can put up this FO. I made these socks for Claudia. This yarn is from our first dyeing project together. The pattern is from Sockamania and ....

I won this from a drawing for posting my picture!! It is superwash merino and bamboo in the colorway Missy. Nice huh? I got the parcel from England just today!!!

I also finished the gift for my friend from the hand spun hand dyed Claudia worked up for me. She just loved it and couldn't believe it. The color was right on too!
And I finished a little scarf, but I maxed out on the picture limit for this post.
Tomorrow, Doug, Brett, and I will have a sewing day at Claudia's Kraft Haus! I have an Amy Butler purse to finish and Doug is at the fabric store as we speak getting material for project bags alla Jane's design.
I have really enjoyed my break! I feel like a human again. Just my happy silly self.
Today, I went to Abalama and dressed up in a big purple organza dress, tiara, and monkey slippers. I took my magic wand and was the Mystery Reader for my great niece's K4 class. Then I spent a large part of the day with my Dad and gave my Mom a break. She went to the bookstore and had a chai latte. These are 2 of her most favorite things to do and she relished the chance to be alone for a bit. She is the sole caretaker of my father who requires 24/7 attention. So now if I can just get my nose to stop running all will be well in Nancyland.