Sunday, September 30, 2007


How cute is he?? This is Henry. This little sweetie is donning the hat I made from the yarn the Blue Sky Alpaca donated to my Nurses Who Knit group. The pattern is also from them. Doug taught me the little cork screws on the top. Can you stand it????

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Melissa has gotten the spinning bug! Notice the help she is getting...well at leash the moral support!

Yarn number 1!
The good old espresso machine was brought out of hiding. If you have Caribou stock sell it now! I will be making my own for a while. Not to worry, that is not a murder weapon on the left, just the knife I used to cut dough to make Money Bread!
Then sitting out here on the new swing to drink it and study and knit. Ah life IS good! ( p.s. Melissa put this together herself! She is rockin!)

Part deux

Well then it just gets ugly! Steve was REALLY lickin...I mean lappin, I mean liking his latte!
This is the real Brett :-) So photogenic!
I wonder if they realize they are in public with this bunch?
Here is the real Doug. Yeah, this is MUCH better than coming to the darkside and wearing bi-focals. Happens to the best of us you know!

Ahhhh Friday Nights!

Two of my partners in crime...Famous Steve and the Crack Head Santa Claus. Now here is a sight for sore eyes...Olivia, Lou, Brett and Claudia (sporting her Bavarian blouse gearing up for Oktoberfest!
This just looks like trouble!
Rounding out the mayhem!
Onto Sip. Yummmy! More on that later folks. and oh yeah it will be worth another visit here. Gotta get to Knitch!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here is my current project. It is Vanilla Spice from the Spring Knitty web site. I am using the chocolate Rialto from Debbie Bliss. The little twist this yarn does on the left side of the stitch is annoying, but it feels really good and the color is YUMMY! The way the Rialto is is put together makes it stringy if you have to take it, I NEVER have to do that! I got the yarn at the Knitch Lucky Duck sale. The picture of the pattern is not so clear, it has an interesting pattern to it. every 4th row of ST you throw in a purl stitch every few stitches. So it is still pretty simple but has some texture. Once you figure out how to read the pattern that is :-).

The Garter Bar Cardigan

It's Finished! I liked this pattern. It knits up fast and I like the design. The problem with the sleeves was a pain. I ended up adding 8 stitches and all is well. The mother of pearl button looks the way I envisioned so that's a bonus! It is a little snug and shorter than I thought, but I feel pretty sure this will be well worn when it gets cool. Oh yea, by the way, as of this week I have lost 26.4 pounds!!! Yipeee!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Since Knitch is undergoing renovation this weekend, Lou, Doug, Melissa and I met at Roxx's...home of the Yarn Doctor. It was actually nice enough to sit outside on the patio. Wunderbar! The sweater I have been doing had a mistake in the pattern. The sleeves are way too tight...even if I wore my arm girdles! So on the advice of Doug and Claudia, I made some inserts for the sleeves. Blocked them, stitched them, hated them. So frog frog frog and start over. Hmmm...I wondered why I felt like I was knitting for the quadropuss! (Four sleeves) But at least it won't irritate me to death AND it was not my knitting that was the problem, but the pattern. That would be the 3rd, yes 3rd, problem pattern in a freaking row! SO relaxing!!! But I enjoy the company most of all.