Sunday, October 21, 2007

Love Socks, baby Love Socks

Well well well, I learned the hard way that I should do a swatch on BOTH colors. I got to the heel on the first try and hmmmm it was more like a bowl for elves. So frog frog frog all the way up to the first row of the pattern. I was making this a little too tight. Who wants to work at putting a sock on? So here is round two. But the first row is still too tight and the top is too loose. So I will probably rip it all out. I started work on the second sock. Not too upsetting since this is my first FairIsle project. I wasn't expecting perfection right off the bat. But Doug showed me Elizabeth Zimmerman's trick and tah dah, much better with the tension! I ended up going down 2 sizes for the Claudia's Hand Painted yarn. So the contrast is on size 0, the other on size 2. I am using the Knit Picks steel double pointed. I am still getting used to them. The are a little slippery but not bad and the length is in between so that is different too. But I do like how sturdy they feel. I don't feel like I am going to snap them in half. I have ordered some more sizes. Let me know if you like them or not. I am curious!
I was happy to wear my garter bar sweater today. Yea Fall! I felt pretty cute in it. It is pretty gratifying to wear a hand made item.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am feeling the LOVE!

How gorgeous is this yarn?! wool, bamboo, what's not to love! And if was a gift from my friend Doug. How sweet is that?! I just love early Christmas gifts! And as I got to thinking about it, it is the first yarn anyone has ever bought for me. So this along with Claudia's Handpainted in thistle are making my noughts and crosses a.k.a. hugs and kisses socks! My first attempt at FairIsle AND Claudia and Melissa BOTH got me a little yarn holder for my finger. I feel so loved and I must say I like it! I had been having a really crappy couple of weeks and this made me feel SO much better.
XOXOXO (don't worry, I'll fix the mistake! of course I had to take the picture in that side! :-) This will be such a special pair of socks for me! Yarn from Doug, holders from Melissa and Claudia, a lesson too from Claudia and hugs and kisses. Could I be more of a sap?

This little pumpkin was another fun surprise for me this week. I found it filled with Weight Watcher friendly bubble gum. Thanks Melissa!

One of my professors is great with child so I made this for the new baby. I didn't want it to seem like I was trying for brownie points, so I left it on her door with no name. Besides, a little mystery can be good. And interestingly enough, it was the day of her shower given by the faculty. Double mystery! I just love that timing!

I went to a house warming tonight and this was the gift I took. Famous Steve helped me and boy was it Gee-orgeous! They were stunned and had a fit over it.