Monday, March 31, 2008

Tomato, Tomahto

I just finished the tomato baby beanie and even a stranger in Caribou stopped by to tell me it is the cutest thing she has ever seen. I am just beside myself. I took a break from studying, watched Dirty Dancing (believe it) and started the hat. Then I am using Claudia's Oma's Baby Schue pattern to make matching booties. That pattern is so fun to make and you know I just love that it has been passed down through the generations. The booties are red with a green chain stitch string. I have finished one and when the other is done I will put pics up. There is a girl in my classes that is having an unanticipated bundle of joy this spring. All I needed was an excuse right! xoxoxo

Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey all! I hope that your Easter was fun and full of chocolate. I got in trouble for not posting so here you go! I went to Bama and hid eggs for my precious little pumpkin nieces. A little kid lovin' goes a long way with me. I just love getting hugged on!
I have an idea and am sure some of you must have tried it. I wondered about using the egg dying kits to dye yarn? I got some from the bargin bin at publix. Any advice???????
I finished one of my petra hand warmers. The thumb was a little funky, but you know I can improvise! I was NOT going to have to redo any of the braid, so I of course winged it (should that be wung?) Anyway, I have started the other and am totally cook-coo for that Malibrigo silk blend. It is almost obscene! (Well, aren't we all?)
I am trying my new goal of getting to Knitch at least once a month. School only has 6 weeks left and of course 5 of those have an exam. boo hoo for me. But my first year will be done baby! I will be Nurse Nancy before you and drop a needle!
Let me hear from you! SWAK