Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nurse Nancy is Still Gonna Happen!

Sweet jesus in heaven I made it through this semester! I cannot believe it! I had the worst exam of my academic career! (that is no small statement!) But I passed and will be moving on next semester! Two of my study buddies just about had a nervous breakdown after the exam. I put them in my car and gave them the options of exercising, buying yarn (luckily I am the only knitter or I am SURE I would have ended up with with too much cashmire) shopping or food. The immediate and dare I say obvious choice was food. Not just anyfood but real comfort food...Cracker Barrel. YIKES! But oh my my my what a beatiful thing a table full of carbs and fat is when you are about to lose it! So if you need to reach me I will be the one drinking and tinking for the next week....I am not kidding!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Send Me The Good Vibes!

I am on the home stretch. This semester has been ROUGH and I have had a lot of personal stuff going on too. But I am about to meet with some of my study buddies and look at Pharm AGAIN. Then hit the stack of typed pages that is about 1.5 inches thick for the next test. SO on Monday at 1 then Tues at 9 are my finals. Send your prayers, good thoughts, spidey sense vibes whatever it takes so I can do well enough to pass this semester. May the Force be with ME!xoxo

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Won Some Yarn!!!

Hey! I am pretty excited and send a big ole' THANKS to Anni from Sockamania! I posted a pic of some socks I made with one of her patterns and won the drawing for the month! I tried to lift the picture from her site, but she already took it down. I will be getting some bamboo sock yarn called Missy. It is a dusky blue and purple mix.