Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Bit Meloncholy I Guess

I was sitting here tonight thinking how wonderful it is to have my Friday Night Knitting friends. I met them when I was having a tough time in my marriage. The way we laughed and they got my jokes and didn't mind that I was/am a bit loud and crazy and added a bit of adult humor made me know that we would all be friends. So two plus years later, I love them more than ever and some have made permanent places in my heart.
Even when our friendships were first starting, they promised to knit me every night if I left my husband. That was just the extra boost I needed to make good choices for myself.
Now I am only 3 semesters and 5 weeks away from being through nursing school, alone again, my dad is quickly progressing in the last stage of Alzheimer's, and sometimes when I just feel so overwhelmed and down,I know that Friday night is a comin and I am sure to feel loved and have some laughs. I think a good motto is that you don't have to feel great to come, but you will probably feel better when you leave. So here's to you my fabulous friends at know who you are....thank you for the wonderful addition to my life.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Magical Personality Are You?

I'm a Satyr!
What are you?

Your Q Score is: 1The Q score ideally should be as small as possible, indicating maximum agreement among elements. However, even a tiny Q score may not mean optimal functioning, since all four elements may in fact be relatively undeveloped.

Your Primary Mythical Creature

Water TypesThe main strength of the Water types is feeling. The second element indicates the most probable focus for this emotional expression.
SatyrWater with EarthAstrologically associated with Scorpio and the Eighth HouseSatyr types are warm and sociable but also enigmatic and mysterious. They are sensitive to others’ feelings and moods and are extremely insightful and perceptive. They feel a need to relate intimately with others and they often do so through sensual pleasures. However, they also have a tendency to be cautious and guarded and they need to maintain their privacy. This behavior confuses others and makes them appear unpredictable and capricious. They want to control over themselves and others in order to feel secure. They also want to merge with others to feel a sense of unity. They are frequently attracted to art and design, especially if it involves the natural world. They have a deep love of nature. They are imaginative and enjoy combining their creative urges with sensual pleasures in a productive way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's been a while since a post, but I am doing better!!!

This is an awesome pattern! Shamus from Knitty. I made only a couple of changes....I made a frog closure from Nicky Epstein instead of the ribbon and hooks idea. It was my first celtic braid and I am tickled with how it turned out. I used Cascade 220 tweed. Can't wait for it to get cold enough to wear it!!! Ahhhh knitting in Atlanta!

This is Brett and Claudia on the steps of the Stover House where we all spent a wonderful afternoon in honor of Claudia's Irwin.....she has the right idea!

This is Claudia and me at the gathering. I am sporting a lace shawl that Famous Steve made. LOVE IT!!!