Thursday, April 17, 2008


Okay, I really have no idea where that saying came from. Anyone know? But I have only 2 weeks of school left. Yes that is correct only 2 *&%$@#^ weeks and year one is done! I will go to summer school, but that is beside the point!
I gave the tomato hat and booties to my classmate. She was just beside herself and promised a picture once the baby is born. It made me all warm and fuzzy and stuff.
I am working on a sock now from Sockmania. It is the April pattern. So I will post a pic soon. Also, I still working on the red sweater with the Celtic braid at the bottom. It is so freaking boring now because I am just on the knit 216 stitches then purl 216 stitches. If I could just sit in front of drying paint, my night would be made!
Send me good thoughts for lots of studying and remembering!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

yea pictures!

My sister Lynne has a friend who knits these little cutties. It was a birthday gift to me! (Dec)
My first attempt at entrelac. I really liked it once I got the hang of it. I gave it to my niece Brandy for her birthday. Noro silk garden light.

These are from the Sockmania patterns. It is hard to see the details in the pics. This is yarn the Lou brought me back from Fiber Fair in Fall. (say that 3x's fast!)

And last but not least the little tomato outfit! Sorry the stuffing is bumpy. It is not a growth! And the shuhe pattern is from Claudia. LOVE IT!!! And just for the record, I took some time to knit before my last big exam and made a better grade. Just a little FYI :-)