Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nurse Nancy is Still Gonna Happen!

Sweet jesus in heaven I made it through this semester! I cannot believe it! I had the worst exam of my academic career! (that is no small statement!) But I passed and will be moving on next semester! Two of my study buddies just about had a nervous breakdown after the exam. I put them in my car and gave them the options of exercising, buying yarn (luckily I am the only knitter or I am SURE I would have ended up with with too much cashmire) shopping or food. The immediate and dare I say obvious choice was food. Not just anyfood but real comfort food...Cracker Barrel. YIKES! But oh my my my what a beatiful thing a table full of carbs and fat is when you are about to lose it! So if you need to reach me I will be the one drinking and tinking for the next week....I am not kidding!


Knits4Bears said...

Sorry the semester was so tough, but also congratulations for getting through it. :)

Robert said...

I found the best book for your to read called the FANCY NANCY book series. The girl on the cover is wearing a tutu and is very sparkly. I saw it tonight at Borders