Thursday, November 20, 2008

Okay, so like OMG!

One of the secret projects is complete. My friend Kourtney (who just started knitting and comes on Friday's to Knitch FYI) is from upstate New York. Every year, she and her husband go back and go to the State Fair. So this year, I asked if they had any roving. I thought maybe it would be cheap and my spinning friends could totally make out like bandits. But alas, my yarn hording buddies of course are up to thier arm pits in roving. BUT Claudia said "Hey Nance, if you want me to spin it for you I will." So I thought hmmmmm, sounds interesting. So I got some cream colored Romney and some brown something. Then it occured to me....Kourtney's big 40 is the end of December, I will make her something from the roving that she is connected to. It is a SURPRISE!!!!! So one of the adventures that Claudia and I had this past Sunday was dyeing the yarn. She finished spinning it on Friday, right in front of Kourtney I might add. I feel so SNEAKY! So check out Claudia's blog for the picture. It totally ROCKS and I think it will be an awesome gift!

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